Open & Age Championships

In the Age Championships, swimmers compete against swimmers of their own age group (age as at 1st October).

There is also an Open Championship which is open to all ages providing they have competed in their age race and meet all qualifying criteria where noted on the race program.

2018/2019 Program Changes

For the 2018/2019 season, due to changes to the Swimming NSW Calendar, some Age Championships will be held on different dates, depending on the age group. This will affect the Age 200m Individual Medley, Age 200m Freestyle and Age 400m Freestyle events. Swimmers should check the season program on the Club Races page carefully to ensure they know which dates their championship events will be held.

Boys aged 13yrs and Girls aged 12yrs on the 1st October 2018, who age-up (have a birthday) before the Senior Metro South West Championships on 17th November will find that the Senior Metro South West Championships clash with their Age 200m Individual Medley Championship. The swimmers affected may apply to have their Age Championship moved if they are competing on Day 1 of the Senior Metro South West Championships. Applications to have the Age Championship moved must be made via email to the Race Secretary before the closing date of the Senior Metro South West Championships. The Race Committee will determine the date the event will be held.